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How late is the hour? Adventures on twitter...
2020-01-01Police in Central China's Wuhan arrested 8 people spreading rumors abo
2020-01-14W.H.O. no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the
2020-01-23Two minutes in notepad I discover we could have hundreds of millions d
2020-01-27C.D.C. plays down risks
2020-01-28Ask C.D.C. If the 933,000 total US Hospital Beds figure accurat
2020-01-28It is here we could of stopped flights
2020-01-30W.H.O. DIRECTOR Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declares a public he
2020-01-30Prediction: Up Next C.D.C. discovers what happens when you only
2020-01-30C.D.C. was actually going to release Wuhan airlifts into genera
2020-01-31W.H.O. DIRECTOR Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus doesn't recommend li
2020-01-31W.H.O. DIRECTOR Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus thanks and applauds
2020-02-01At this point China has had test kits being mass produced and C.D.C
2020-02-03I realize we are going to be seeing many dead, has the US C.D.C.
2020-02-04I start to be concerned here as Dr. Nancy Messonnier actually tells Am
2020-02-05Oh that's why they encouraged a pandemic W.H.O. asks for US $67
2020-02-07Li Wenliang is dead The problem is systemic, where to begin? Tech cens
2020-02-09It becomes all too apparent how rotten the system has become, widespre
2020-02-09anyone trying to raise alarm in the US is shadow banned and silenced b
2020-02-10China reports up to 42 day incubation, 42 days after break out.
2020-02-15C.D.C. doesn't recommend travel to China but #Hong Kong, #Macau
2020-02-286 weeks after even I was aware how bad this was, C.D.C. allows
2020-03-05At this point any plane that lands has infected from Italy, about 1/3
2020-03-06why t F are planes even flying is the real question? why do their empl
2020-03-06Observation of Human airline behavior during a Pandemic
2020-03-10when the US couldn't even do testing , other countries already have dr
2020-03-10All the greatest fool scientists, epidemiologists, acadmeia relied on
2020-03-10How could the C.D.C. only have stockpiled 15 million masks for
2020-03-11Some #influenza deaths were actually infected with #COVID-19, Robert R
2020-03-11C.D.C. was such a fucking failure
2020-03-11W.H.O. declares a pandemic - only 4 weeks after it met the crit
2020-03-12Love the new ad campaign, Disney, is that really still open? "if I'm g
2020-03-17Please be advised it is indeed possible HIV and Malaria Mutations in a
2020-03-18People keep asking when will this end, and that is about 3 weeks after
2020-03-19talking heads don't understand something basic, its not worth going to
2020-03-21W.H.O. says deaths are 5x reported? funny cause it's 10
2020-03-22People acting like government is doing something good now, which is fu
2020-03-23Cure Claimed but time will tell Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin Z-P
2020-03-26W.H.O. suggests not wearing masks... AGAIN

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