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You may have noticed I haven't been updating as much lately, I have been feeling unwell and HOSPITAL with BLUE FINGERS!?

I am not a doctor and this is for my own personal USE ONLY and my odd results which may have some value, DISCORD contact in pic below

To begin, I HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED, I had a REAL bad FLU mid FEBURARY Florida and never felt the same since, self quarantined.
I have experienced weird symptoms of occasional hot flashes with normal temperature and O2 sats, rashes, and odd pains
I am usually a social smoker, not chronic, but have been smoking DAILY as it seems to make me feel better.

I noticed my fingers were turning blue on one hand and after a Google search was recommended immediate medical attention
I have been taking my O2 Saturations at home and generally see 95-100 daily, had 88 at test
By the time I arrived at hospital I noticed my palms also had a blue tint

The ER doctor pinched my fingertips and said blood flow was fine, I had elevated BP and heart rate (I was in panic)
It was suggested I was having a Raynaud's disease from anxiety and smoking (lol)
It didn't seem right to me as I never had anything similar before or ever seen anything like this and have good health

I asked for full blood work, had IV inserted and was administered 1,000ml Saline
My BP was 130/85 and pulse 62 after relaxing and high volume pee
I asked for COVID 19 antibody / test and was refused based on young age, no symptoms?, no comorbidity, healthy BMI <= 25

All my labs returned fine, BP fine, O2 Sat was constant 100
I was discharged and went home to sleep

The next morning my fingers and palm were still blue which was worrisome to me.
I searched google and found Sildenafil was used previously to treat Vasculitis

I had some Sildenafil for tinder, which of course will never be used now, took 1 20mg
With 2 hours I noticed the blue went away and I felt somewhat improved overall, even rashes less itchy.

This is obviously preliminary and I still have some blue in fingertips and palm, will try 40mg tonight and report back!

Took 40mg but was only light blue tint, unable to pic, about 3 hours later lighter and all but gone morning 2020-05-06
Rash on both forarms has not been itchy.

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